Welcome to Heilig-Meyers Interior Decorating

Our design process is easy and user friendly. Simply call for a no-obligation appointment or stop in and visit with us at Heilig-Meyers showroom. There is "Always a Designer on Duty."  When you purchase fine furniture through one of the Heilig-Meyers decorating professionals, the decorator assists you in selecting and ordering the items, all at no additional charge.

If you would like advice from our interior designers but choose not to purchase our furniture, consultation is billed on a per-hour basis. Services may include consulting with your architect or contractor, shopping for  furniture or arranging your existing furniture and accessories.  An interior designer is your guide through the maze of possibilities available in design, style, color, texture, line, lighting and more. Having the right person to creatively blend all of these aspects of your design together can make a real difference in how your furniture presents itself. In addition, your Heilig-Meyers decorator acts as:  A decorator & furniture advisor. Collaborating with you on the choices you want for your home and helping to set realistic interior design expectations in terms of look, budget and timeline. Our interior decorators will help you create an overall plan and see the project through from the first piece of furniture to the last piece of furniture.  Heilig-Meyers professional decorators have access to thousands of premium furniture not available to the consumer retail furniture market, as well as an array of helpful design planning and design tools.

Our designers help you optimize your furniture & design budget. Their expertise will help you avoid costly mistakes and stay within your financial boundaries.


Heilig-Meyers: How We Work

Come Prepared! Here's How.

When it comes to your initial meeting with our interior decorator, a little preparation can go a long way. Before you get together, identify some of your style preferences and set goals regarding the functionality of your living space, your budget and your time frame.

Do some research by exploring designs and fine furniture online, in magazines and in books. Save appealing furniture pictures in a file. You can also tour model homes to generate new ideas for designs and color schemes, taking photos of the furniture along the way. Other design issues to consider:

  • Decide how the living spaces you're focusing on will be used. Get input from your entire family up front to ensure everyone's needs are met.
  • Prioritize your projects by focusing on the spaces that are most important to you.

Choose the best decorator for you.

All of Heilig-Meyers decorating team have proven talent, successful portfolios and professional credentials. They pride themselves on making the design process more enjoyable for you.

They also have these things in common:

  • good listening skills
  • customer-first attitude
  • fashion forward awareness of new trends and new resources in the market.

But, each designer also has a unique style, approach and personality. What matters most is that you select the right one for your design needs and someone with whom you are comfortable. A relaxed, open relationship with your interior designer is essential. You should feel completely at ease asking questions, making suggestions and communicating the end results you're looking for.


Myths about working with a furniture designer:

Myth #1: It needs to be a big project with a big budget.

At Heilig-Meyers Fine Furniture, we have the expertise and resources to plan and implement the design and furnishing of any size project. Be it an entire home or the smallest bedroom, we know how to get the job done. We are fond of saying "no project is too large or too small."


Myth #2: It's more expensive to work with a furniture decorator.

Our services are free with your home furnishing purchase, and our interior decorators know from experience how to manage your budget for the maximum result. Importantly, by helping you avoid costly mistakes, you can be confident that the overall cost will be within your expectations.


Myth #3: I'll have to use their ideas.

The main thing Heilig-Meyers decorators want is a happy client at the end of every project. That's why they listen carefully, work collaboratively, provide alternative solutions and accommodate changes along the way to be sure you are happy with the furniture and interior design choices you have made.